Monday, May 7, 2012

Next Steps After a Victory

INsecure Communities 2: Public Meeting Recap

We had a lot to celebrate on May 3rd given the recent policy change in Champaign County (see press release). With nearly 100 people in attendence, Jill Capes, Moderator from the C-U Immigration Forum gave a brief welcome, followed by an update on “Secure Communities” in Champaign County from Mike Doyle.

Nearly 100 people were in attendance.
But not all problems have been solved. Lucia Maldonado discussed police interactions in Champaign County and Jesse Hoyt from the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights made a case for Driver’s License Legislation in Illinois

We then heard from the C-U Immigration Forum Working Groups including Claire Szoke with our Outreach to Allies group, Tom Garza with the Outreach to Immigrant Communities group, Jack Wilkie from the Law Enforcement group, and Ben Mueller from the Elected Officials group. After a closing, there was open time for informal discussion and questions and many in attendance stayed to mingle and discuss issues, including invited members of local law enforcement.

After the meeting, discussions were had over pertinent issues. 

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Tuesday, May 15
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This interfaith event welcomes representatives from religious congregations in our community to discuss how to better engage members on immigration issues, hear stories of today’s immigrants, advocate for and provide direct services to immigrants, and work with public officials to promote humane immigration reform in favor of children and families.

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