Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Unions support CIR, please join all campaigns

Dear friend,
Immigration reform is about creating opportunities and unlocking America's future. Economic reports show that granting citizenship for 11 million immigrants would add $1.5 trillion to our economy over the next ten years. Unfortunately, Republican leaders are trying to convince us that citizenship is an extreme proposition.
Where would we be if our past generations had been denied citizenship?
When policymakers reject citizenship, they reject immigrants as equals in society and reject the American values we hold dear. It means creating a permanent group of second-class citizens. It means turning away our neighbors, friends, and co-workers whose children attend our schools, who contribute to our economy, who provide us support when we are in need.
Congress needs to know that a path to citizenship must be included in immigration reform – and they need to hear from us right away. Thousands have joined our Time Is Now campaign and now it's your turn.
Here’s how:
1.     Call Congress today and tomorrow at 1-877-848-8289.
2.     Share this message with your friends, families, and neighbors.
Tell them that denying citizenship is wrong and unacceptable. A half-baked solution without citizenship is no solution at all – it’s not what this country expects or needs. What we need is a 21st century immigration system for our 21st century economy.
The time is now for Congress to act in a bipartisan fashion to pass a fair, commonsense immigration reform, one worthy of our values and aspirations.
Exercise your political muscle and join hundreds of thousands calling Congress to make their voices heard. Tell your representative: Support fair immigration reform with a clear path to citizenship.We will not forget the policymakers who vote the wrong way. They need to remember, we vote, too.
Make the call today and support immigration reform: 1-877-848-8289

In solidarity,
Eliseo Medina
SEIU International Secretary Treasurer



1800 Massachusetts Ave NW, Washington, DC 20036