Sunday, October 13, 2013

Driver Licenses for immigrants now a reality

  • We see the new law as a positive step towards the safety of all 
  • The general population will benefit from more insurance coverage 
  • Local police departments and sheriff will have a way to verify people's driving eligibility and insurance coverage 
  • We do not know how many people are affected locally, but they include many ethnicities and it includes students. 
  • Everyone benefited will have to pass a written and a practical test and pay regular fees. 
  • The bill will take effect on November 27th and the rules are not out yet, people should check 
  • We will hold trainings on the driving regulations through IF 
  • The cooperation involves the governor but all legislators, including our own senator and assembly people supported the bill and we thank them for the reasonable support. 
  • This measure makes sense for driving issues in our state but a better solution is to support immigration reform at the national level, much as the federal legislators and president are talking about 
  • IF is composed of...and we meet the 2nd Tuesday of every month, at the University Y