Friday, September 14, 2018

2018 Welcome Awards Judges Summary

The judge panel has convened and made its decisions. We appreciate their service and best effort in identifying others that serve. The Welcome Awards organizing committee is pleased to propagate the good news and invite everyone on Saturday September 22 3:30 to 5:30 at the Urbana Public Library

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Business Leadership Award - A business that contributes to the local immigrant community through advocacy, donations or in-kind services and/or a locally owned immigrant owned business that has contributed to the local economic development of CU
2018 Winner: Diva Nails. Annie and Kevin Nguyen, owners

Community Impact Award - A community-based organization, non-profit, public sector institution, or local government which demonstrates exceptional commitment to serving and advocating for local immigrants in our community. The nominee may also be considered for adopting specific policies or initiatives in response to the growing immigrant population.
2018 Winner: Carle Community Care and Neighborhood Health programs. Accepting: Julianna S. Sellett, Vice President - Community Health Initiatives

Distinguished Leadership Service Award – An individual who made a significant contribution to making our community more welcoming to immigrants and refugees.
2018 Winners: Roaa Al-Heeti  and Mike Doyle

Leadership Award - An individual who has been a strong leader of the immigrant community
2018 Winners: Luis Cuza and Luzolo Jean Cesar Ntedika

Student Leadership Award - A student who has shown promise as a leader or demonstrated commitment to serving or working with immigrants or refugees, locally or abroad.
2018 Winner: Carmen Hernandez 

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