The Children

This is our new page to focus the issues related to children.
Right now our efforts are the unaccompanied minors that have been arriving from Central America.
We have at least 7 in Urbana and at least one in Champaign.

Group last met Wednesday March 4th 2015, contact; all other discussions and needs have been met at the general IF meeting.

In September of 2014 we communicated with the community about the plight of immigrants and of many minors now residing in our area.

With the help of Immigration Project lawyers, we have learned of the details of each case and the many needs; the community

We next have sponsored several events to inform and raise funds, especially to help with the legal needs.

This was one of two showings

It was covered by the local Fox affiliate, thank you Angelica Sanchez and crew:

This successful funding drive has meant that there is now a small amount of funds to cover the legal expenses of these young people in our area and that is beyond the generous support of several local and Chicago attorneys.